How To Use Buffer To Schedule Your Social Media

In this post, I will teach you how to use Buffer to schedule your social media posts – as a bonus, I will also share how I leverage Buffer’s Power Scheduler so you have a constant drip of content, both old AND new, being shared to your followers. You’ll look like you’re on top of your game, always on, and in the know.

Why: First off, it was easy to use.  Got to love cutting down on more time waste, by having something nice and simple.

Free Vs. Paid 


Free version lets you link up to 3 social media accounts which is great to cover the basics. You can also schedule up to 10 posts per account on the free version which is a good starting point.


After I got used to the free version and found it useful I decided to take the next step and get the paid version were you can link up ten social media accounts. This is definitely beneficial if you have several social media accounts.


Step 1: Get Buffer 

Buffer is a Scheduling program.

This is where you link your social media accounts in one location, and can then create and schedule posts that will be uploaded automatically. Get it here.

Step 2: Connect Your Social Media Accounts 

Connect the social networks that you are active on. You can now connect Pinterest too!

Step 3: Choose Your Schedule 

You have the option of posting your link once in the Simple Composer across your social networks. Other features include choosing your time zone, time, and frequency to post.

Step 4: Open Your Blog

Choose engaging and relevant content that your audience is looking for. If you’re a blog or influencer you should have a niche. If you’re a brand or business you should have an industry that you can draw from.

Step 5: Use hashtags pertinent to platform

Do your research! Find out what similar blogs, businesses, and influencers are using to grow their audiences. Mimic those hashtags and you’ll be in good company.

Extra Tips 

Tip 1. Don’t use the same hashtags for each post. Come up with 6 or more and rotate them into your schedule to reach a wider audience.

Tip 2. Don’t post at the same time. Buffer gives you the option of choosing the date and time you’d like to post. Alternate between morning and evening slots to see which time works better for you.

About the Author

Elijah J. Allen is the CEO of EJH Digital. He creates social media marketing plans for startups, small businesses, and corporations. Need help managing your online presence? Get an experienced social media manager for just $98 a month, today!

Elijah Allen